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My Eyes Adore You


by Justin Kawika Young

Was It Loneliness (207K MP3 File) (207K MP3 File)


Was It Loneliness

I can't believe you're not smiling
You whisper in a sigh
Cause after all that you've been trying
You say it's true, it's me you're turning to.

If I could take those words
And leave the rest behind
You would be sure to see
My joy here symbolize
History has made me a skeptic of your rhymes
Now I read between the lines

Was it loneliness that brought you back?
Or did sadness make you call?
Did an empty space put you up to this?
There's a weakness in the soul.
So hard to stand up once you fall.

You said our love was dying.
You felt too close to the fire.
Is it for me your heart is pounding?
Or just the warmth that you desire?



Don't ask me for a smile this time (oh no),
Cause your truth can be forgot this time.
And I'm questioning just where you're coming from.




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