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My Eyes Adore You


Written by Justin, Frankie Valli & Nolean Crewe
Vocals by Justin

My Eyes Adore You (169K MP3 File) (169K MP3 File)


My Eyes Adore You

My eyes adore you (yeah)...

Curling deep inside each day, waiting for the courage that never came,
So on your way and without a clue, that these adoring eyes they long for you (yeah).
I tried to get real close to you, hoping that you would see through my disguise,
And somehow you'd know that I...

I adored ya.
Though I never laid my hands on you,
My eyes adored ya (my eyes adore you).
Like you couldn't see a million miles away
How I adored ya.
So close (so close), so close and yet so far.

You looked at me and saw a friend.
You told me things and I'd have to pretend that you didn't mean the world to me.
And all the while behind the scenes, I cried with you I lived your every dream (yes I did).
The reality: the hope still holds, the dreams run wild in the nighttime too.
So tell me tell me baby, was I a fool? Do your eyes adore me too?



I adore ya
My eyes adore ya (yeah).




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