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My Eyes Adore You


Written by B & R Giibbs
Vocals by Justin


Come On Over

If my life was like a jigsaw, a piece is out of place.
Come on over.
Put a smile upon my face.
And if all my bad days came at once, you would know just what to do.
Come on over.
Baby you can see me through it.

And if you think I need you, come on over.
Bring your love around, you can wipe away the tears.
And if you think I need you, come on over.
Lay your body down, you know I will be here to bring your love around.

And I cannot see in front of me, all my darkest days.
Come on over.
You can take it all away.
And when the laughter starts to fade, smile runs off my face,
Come on over.
Bring it back with your embrace.






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